Bravo Company Vertical MLOK Grip

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Bravo Company, BCM GUNFIGHTER, Vertical Grip, Mod 3, Black, MLOK Compatible

    • M-LOK compatible
    • Low-profile length
    • A lightweight design at 1.9 ounces

    Bravo Company's BCM Gunfighter's Vertical Grip MOD 3 is M-Lok compatible. It has a low-profile length for increased mobility and decreases "snag" factor. The forward angle increases the rigidity of the forearm while providing a more natural wrist angle. It can be mounted in reverse angle to increase your control when grabbing the handguard and grip. The flat sides with aggressive texture give better yaw control to the shooter during firing and non-firing manipulations. It is manufactured from high quality" impact resistant polymers. Made in the USA.


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