Fostech Tech AR-9mm Pistol
Fostech Tech AR-9mm Pistol

Fostech Tech AR-9mm Pistol

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Fostech 8156-BLK-9MM-6230-4150: This Tech-15 pistol is designed to be one of the most versatile, rugged, and well-built PDW platforms on the market. Fostech designed the Tech-15 to surpass shooters' standards in a PDW style firearm, and every single piece that is on the model was meticulously tested and implemented for maximum effectiveness. This model is chambered in 9mm and features an incredibly lightweight and maneuverable 4.5" barrel. Also featured on this model is a fluted pistol tube without a brace. This pistol also incorporates a 4" MACH-2 Rail, Sabre Grip and black nitride BCG. Also included is a Stern Defense Integrated Magwell, Glock brand 33 round extended magazine, and a Plano All Weather Tactical XL Pistol Case with Fostech Logo. Now, for the main attraction, this model ships complete with an Echo AR-II trigger pre-installed and tested from the factory! This package is genuinely one of the most incredible PDW firearms on the market, and its overall compact size makes it ideal for concealing in a bag or a vehicle.

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