Light combo set w/o flashlight (PISTOL MOUNT AND BELT CLIP)
Light combo set w/o flashlight (PISTOL MOUNT AND BELT CLIP)

Light combo set w/o flashlight (PISTOL MOUNT AND BELT CLIP)

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The one of a kind modular light adapter can be purchased with or without the flashlight (MRFL). It allows you to transition from your belt to your Glock (GEN 3 & above), or belt to Micro Roni / Stabilizer, or from Glock to Micro Roni / Stabillizer, all in a matter of seconds (no tools needed).

With the MLA you can activate your proprietary flashlight while on your Glock using your trigger finger (push action) or your weak hand thumb (press action). The MLA fits the entire line of Micro Roni / Stabilizer 17, 19, 19X, 22, 23, 31, 32.

Great 4 in 1 Combo:

  1. Belt Clip (Included in the package) Takes less than a second to slide the flashlight into the belt clip.
  2. Stand-Alone Searchlight You can slide it off from your belt / pistol / micro roni in a second and hold it if necessary.
  3. Pistol-Mounted Can be mounted on your pistol lower rail.
  4. Compatible with the MICRO-RONI Fits the Micro Roni perfectly.

Notice: MRFL Adapter is not provided with this kit!


  • Truly versatile, one of a kind Tactical flashlight platform
  • Provides a wide array of lighting and temporarily blinding solutions in Tactical and home-protection scenarios. 
  • Small, lightweight and compact. 
  • Easily drawn from the clip and deployed according to the situation
  • Quickly and easily shifted between its various options. [Belt clip, hand-held, pistol-mounted, MICRO RONI).

Flashlight Features (Optional):

  • A powerful 500 lumens beam. 
  • The flashlight has an on/off switch featured on the side
  • The flashlight is powered by 1 CR123 lithium battery. Providing simplicity of operation and tremendous illuminating power in a small package and it uses a high-efficiency LED.
  • Package Includes:

    1. Pistol Mount & Belt Clip
    2. MRFL Micro Roni Flashlight   Optional
    3. MRFL-RL Micro Roni Laser   Optional
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