Micro AR15/47 5 inch pistol
5inch upper with buffer tube only

Micro AR15/47 5 inch pistol

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Due to high demand, we will release the Micro AR47 pistol

If you're looking for a great little compact AR chambered in 7.62x39. This is the handgun to check out. 

It uses Standard AK47 magazines, which there are tones of options for now days. 

Built from a KS47 lower receiver, with a enhanced hammer spring to help cycle the cheaper steel cased ammunition. 

This gun is a lot of fun for plinking around and target shooting.

Price range: $999.00 to $1599.00 

What s included: 

Optics: none 

1 Complete upper option of choice: 5.5 / 7.5 / 10.5

Magaiznes: 1 30rd MAGPUL AK47 magazins

KS47 lower options: with or without enhanced hammer spring. 

Brace options: maxim pdw brace/ standard pistol blade/ buffer tube with padding

Flash hider options: 

Specifications and Features: 
Micro AR47 Semi Automatic Pistol
5.5 to 10.5 Barrel
Accepts most standard double stacked AK magazines

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