PEARCE PLUS +3-9MM +2-40SW+1-45GAP
PEARCE PLUS +3-9MM +2-40SW+1-45GAP

PEARCE PLUS +3-9MM +2-40SW+1-45GAP

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Pearce Grip, Grip Extension, Fits Glock Sub-Compact +3 9mm,+2 40 S&W,+1 45 GAP, Black

    • High Impact Polymer
    • Increased Comfort and Control
    • 1" Additional Gripping Surface
    These units replace the magazine base plate and internal floor plate. They will add three rounds to the Glock M26, two rounds to the Glock M27 and M33 and one round to the Glock M39. These extensions will add 1" additional length for better control and comfort.

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