S&W Bodyguard RH BLK Techna Clip
S&W Bodyguard RH BLK Techna Clip

S&W Bodyguard RH BLK Techna Clip

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Product Description

The Techna Clip for the S&W(R) Bodyguard(R) 380, a truly minimalist solution for those who carry concealed. It's a concealable gun clip that easily affixes to your sidearm to deliver a secure, lightweight and discreet carry option-without a holster. The Techna Clip installs quickly and requires no gunsmithing to your firearm. Now you can stash your pistol in your pocket, on your waist, or even in the small of your back! The Techna Clip comes with a fully machined threaded frame pin and screw that secures the Techna Clip to the (right side) of the gun. The replacement pin and screw can be left in place indefinitely, with or without the Techna clip attached. Extra screws are included. The high quality Teflon coating prevents abrasion to the gun by providing a thin but highly durable cushion between the Techna Clip and the slide.


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